12 Stats You Could Track With StatHat

StatHat can track and graph anything. Here are twelve examples:

  1. How far your mouse has travelled in pixels.
  2. How many HTTP 500 error codes your app is generating.
  3. The size in bytes of messages your users are sending.
  4. The number of times a female user older than 25 has looked at a male user older than 35.
  5. The number of seconds people use your iPhone app.
  6. The duration of all SQL queries.
  7. The number of users online at any given time.
  8. The amount of free memory on a server.
  9. The ping time from a server to google.
  10. The score players are getting in your iPad game.
  11. How many people are following you on twitter.
  12. The cache hit rate for your objects.

The possibilities are endless. And you can track all of these from any language in one line of code.

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