How To Organize Your Stats in Seconds

If your StatHat stat list is getting long and unwieldly, here are two ways to get control: stat groups & saved searches.

Stat groups allow you to put several stats together. Once you create a group, you can add and remove stats easily.

You could organize stats by project, by server type, by application feature, by priority.

While stat groups are nice (and often necessary), saved searches allow you to create a grouping of stats quickly and they dynamically change based on any new/removed stats.

For example, say you are tracking the load average on 10 different servers and your stats are named “ws0 - load average”, “ws1 - load average”, “db0 - load average”, etc. You could easily create a group of all the “load average” stats by searching for “load average” then saving the search.

Or you can create a web server load average saved search by searching for “ws load average”. If down the road you add servers “ws2” and “ws3”, they will automatically appear in the results for “ws load average”.

Some users prepend their application environment (“development”, “testing”, “production”) to their stat names. You could use saved searches to quickly look at stats for one environment.

Links: Stat Groups & Saved Searches

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