Automatic Alerts

On StatHat, you have always been able to set up alerts. If a stat went above/below a threshold or changed by a certain percentage, you would get an email. This is a great way to let StatHat monitor your stats for you 247.

But there’s an even easier way: automatic alerts. Now you don’t even need to create alerts. StatHat analyzes all your stats looking for anomalies. If it finds a significant one, it will email you. Less significant anomalies will show up in the feed on the home page.

You can configure automatic alerts for each individual stat. Perhaps you are tracking a server load average and only want to know about up spikes.

So you can throw all your stats at StatHat and let our servers do the work of analyzing the data and alerting you of anything out of the ordinary. It takes about a week for StatHat to have enough data for the stat to start making reliable automtic alerts.

It’s working well for us: some stats we completely forgot about and never looked at have had some interesting activity that we would have never seen otherwise. We removed most of our manual alerts in favor of the automatic alert system.

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