StatHat and Status Board

A few weeks ago, we got an email from Cabel at Panic. He mentioned that they were making an iPad app called Status Board and was wondering if there was a way to hook StatHat up to it.

We quickly massaged some JSON into a Status Board compatible format. Working with Cabel, Greg, and James at Panic we tweaked it over the past few weeks, and now integration is a breeze.

If you’re on an iPad with Status Board installed, just use the buttons at the bottom of the stat details, analyze, and group interfaces. In a simple tap you can take any StatHat stat and display it in Status Board.

Status Board Screenshot

We’re addicted to Status Board. It’s always on in the office. It’s a great tool to quickly see what’s happening. We are about to buy more iPads to have Status Boards everywhere!

Three years ago, I drooled over their original Status Board blog post. Now anyone can have a beautiful Status Board.

More information on using StatHat with Status Board

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